Growing Globally

For many companies building new markets and raising brand awareness globally is a key item on their agenda. At MCI, we can work with you to help you leverage expert strategic knowledge, regional resources and local infrastructure to bring your brand or service faster to market, increase your event sustainability and return on investment.

Helping your company grow globally

Energizing Performance

Achieving top line growth, meeting the ever changing needs & expectations of customers and having a competitive advantage are vital factors to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. 

We also specialise in improving internal communication effectiveness, productivity and encourage employee motivation through reward and recognition strategies. 

We employ analytical tools into our strategic consulting and delivery so that success and ROI can be measured. 

Helping your company in energizing performance

Sharing Defining Moments

Face-to-face communication is a powerful means to engage with your audience’s hearts and minds to influence behaviour, communicate effectively and leverage human connections.

Helping your company in sharing definiting moments

Delivering Operational Excellence

Combining expert tactical knowledge and regional networks with local teams and resources, we operate effectively across languages and cultural barriers to help you connect the best people in the right places – on time, on budget and seamlessly.

Helping your company in delivering operational excellence
Diversifying an Association Demographic

Case Studies

Diversifying an Association DemographicThe ISI wished to use its 58th World Congress to drive membership and reach out to some key target groups that would diversify its current demographic. Find out how MCI helped ISI achieve its goal.More
Inspiring Growth as a Common Goal

Case Studies

Inspiring Growth as a Common GoalThe client wished to host a motivational event that would serve to highlight a common focus for 2011; that of working together to achieve substantial growth results. With a predominantly Chinese delegation, Siemens PLM wanted this year’s event in Guilin to build on the previous year’s event in Beij... More
Grow Globally

Case Studies

Grow GloballyThis association, positioning as an international association of the world’s best life insurance and financial services professionals, aimed at community building in Europe and CIS and growing membership and annual meeting attendance in the region.More
Delivering an Integrated Message

Case Studies

Delivering an Integrated MessageBosch Rexroth new leadership team was looking for a fresh, exciting approach to showcase its integrated solutions to clients’ specialized technology needs for an audience of internal and external stakeholders.More